niKETO Meals FAQ


when will my meal delivery start?

Your delivery will start on the date you specified when you signed up. If the start up date doesn’t work with our schedule (for example, it is before the three day lead time), we will contact you to adjust your start date.

when will my order be delivered?

Meals and snacks are delivered on the following days: SUNDAY (Monday and Tuesday meals), TUESDAY (Wednesday and Thursday meals), and THURSDAY (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday meals). Meals will arrive on the specified delivery days between 6pm and 6am. If you placed an order for snacks only, your delivery will be sent out on the next meal delivery day.

what do i do with my meal delivery bags?

Please leave your bags and the enclosed ice containers outside your door on your next delivery day. We will pick them up, clean them, and use them again. Failure to return bags and ice will result in a charge to your account. If you only placed a one-time order, keep your bags until you order again!