keto collagen


(Collagen + mct Powder)


This supplement blend of high-quality collagen peptides and MCT oil was designed specifically to compliment the ketogenic diet. The two-in-one super boost formula will give your body an easily digestible, keto-approved fuel source to keep your blood sugar stable and your metabolism running all day long. Athletes and fitness gurus often depend on collagen supplements to support their muscle recovery and to promote weight loss. We took it to the next level by combining collagen with coconut-derived MCT (medium-chain triglyceride) oil to help your body transition into ketosis faster and more comfortably.

Collagen peptides are already known in the health and beauty communities as a superhero supplement for aging skin cells and new research shows positive associations with even more health benefits, including:

●  Brighter, healthier skin cells

●  Balanced hormones

●  Healthier joints and stronger bones

●  Improved digestion and satiety, meaning you feel full longer and eat less during the day


Why is this important on a low-carb diet?  

On a typical diet your body processes carbohydrates as its primary fuel source in the form of glucose, or sugar. Carbohydrates provide quick energy rather than long-lasting energy, causing energy peaks and lulls throughout the day. On a diet that restricts carbohydrates, like the keto diet, your body has to seek out a different fuel source -- this is when it starts to digest fat stores. Fat is a slower-burning fuel, and your body may struggle at first to make the transition. Collagen is a protein molecule that gives you the energy to break down fat as your body’s new primary fuel source, and believe us, you’ll feel the difference.


Why MCT Oil?

niKETO members depend on high quality MCT oil to reach ketosis faster and to stay there. As your body burns through the fat stored on your body it will This concentrated source of necessary fat is associated with:

●  Weight loss, improved heart health, and increased metabolic function

●  Increased cognitive function, elevated mood, and higher energy levels

●  Increased nutrient absorption, reduced risk for some cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases

MCT oil also has antioxidant, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.


How do I take it?

Reach your fitness goals faster by mixing this highly digestible powder into 8-10 oz of water or coffee, or combine it with protein powder following your daily workout. We recommend taking 1-3 servings daily for best results.


niKeto tip: we mix this powder into our daily keto coffee drink!

Recipe: (1) 12 oz cup of hot coffee

1 tablespoon grassfed butter

Splash of heavy cream

Sprinkle of cinnamon

1 serving of niKETO(r) Keto Collagen


Stir all ingredients together. Drink daily for a delicious energy boost!