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(glutamine- 1000mg) 100 tablets


L-Glutamine is an essential amino acid that is naturally produced in our bodies, but often we don’t make enough to keep up with the demands of an unhealthy gut or to break down high quantities of fat. This versatile supplement offers a wide range of benefits, including:

●  Balanced blood sugar all day, meaning fewer peaks and lulls in energy

●  Improved digestion and leaky gut prevention

●  Healthier immune function, meaning you won’t get sick as quickly!

●  Improved athletic performance & muscle recovery


L-Glutamine on a Low-Carb Diet

Human bodies depend on it for healthy immune systems, digestive systems, and organs; athletes and bodybuilders depend on it as a protein supplement that accelerates muscle recovery. It’s naturally-occurring in our bodies, so why do we need to take it?

First and foremost, keto dieters need L-Glutamine because the decrease in carbohydrates can mean a decrease in dietary antioxidants. If you’re following the keto diet you will likely decrease the amount of fruit you eat because fruit is naturally high in carbohydrates. Unfortunately, less fruit means fewer antioxidants--and antioxidants are critical to cellular repair and immune system function. Cellular breakdown causes our skin to look older as it loses elasticity and becomes discolored.

If you’re highly active or an athlete, your body is rapidly burning through its stores of glutamine during times of prolonged exercise. As you lose L-Glutamine you risk accelerated cellular breakdown and free radical production inside your body.


How does it work?  

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and muscles, and L-glutamine is the most abundant amino acid produced by your body inside skeletal muscle. It assists in muscle recovery after workouts but gets depleted quickly during long runs and power sessions at the gym, which is why athletes depend on L-glutamine supplements.

L-glutamine exists inside our stomachs, reinforcing the stomach’s protective lining and preventing waste material from leaking out. A lack of protective lining causes leaky gut syndrome, a painful condition with symptoms like bloating, chronic stomach pains, and moderate to severe indigestion. Taking a daily L-glutamine supplement can help repair the stomach lining and protect consumers from the aches and pains of leaky gut.


New to niKETO? This one’s for you:

One of the best benefits of taking an L-glutamine supplement is the decrease in sugar cravings. At first, it can be challenging to stick with a diet that restricts carbohydrates because of their dominant presence in our daily lives. L-glutamine puts sugar cravings on hold while simultaneously keeping your blood sugar in balance, helping you to make healthier choices and to feel better throughout the day.


niKETO Tip: Take L-glutamine in the morning after a breakfast with plenty of protein and healthy fats. This supplement naturally helps curb cravings for sugar, meaning you won’t be so tempted to indulge in conference room doughnuts or impulsively add a breakfast pastry to your coffee order.