30 Days @ $47.95 per day

30 Days @ $47.95 per day


3 Meals + 1 Snack a Day
Total: 90 meals


Allow us to calculate your macronutrient requirements for following a proper Keto diet both effectively and safely.
We plan and prep for your entire week, so you don’t have to! You’ll enter your information at checkout.

We work around your schedule. niKETO meals are purchased ahead of time, which allows you to choose the days and meals you’d like to receive for each day, without ever having to worry about them expiring. You will select the delivery dates of your choice and the meals you’d like to receive on those dates at check out!

Each day consists of 3 full meals.

Meals are pre-purchased as a package and customized to deliver on the days you choose!
niKETO meals never expire, so you can space them out however you’d like over any time span you desire!

*Meal delivery times must be scheduled one week in advance, we will send out a reminder email towards the end of the week.
*Each package comes with a standard 3 meals per day, however, if you choose only two meals for a day, the third meal will rollover on your plan.

Please contact us with any further questions, accommodations, etc.